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MULTICOM Bosch, 4G Dual Carrier

Wireless IP Alarm Communicator with direct integration to Bosch Solution 2000/3000 panels


Why choose the BMC4G?

  • This is the first and only alarm communicator designed and built for Bosch in Australia
  • Web browser setup for local/remote setup and installation (A-Link not required)
  • Full access to all the panels is possible via the TechTools site - techtools.suretek.com. View device and network status, allocate technicians and end user rights.
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MCB4G - Built for Bosch



Developed in Australia under a joint initiative between Suretek and Bosch, the new Multicom Bosch 4G Dual Carrier has been purpose built for the Bosch Solution 2000/3000 panels. The MCB4G offers faster web-based setup and management, and twice the  redundancy via the Surepoll network.

The MCB4G is designed to seamlessly connect with Bosch 2000/3000 alarm panels. Access to all the Bosch panel features are available via the TechTools web portal, which you can log into at - techtools.suretek.com

Offering full redundancy so that if one path fails, the MCB4G automatically transmits across one of the remaining paths providing constant reliable communication. With Dual SIM cards, the MCB4G doubles the redundancy on 4G, IP and Voice by utilising 2 separate carrier networks.

The MCB4G detects issues & outages on the active carrier network and automatically switches to the inactive SIM.

Key features

  • B & G series panel integration coming soon
  • All programming methods accessible from your PC or mobile device.
  • Connects your panel to Australia’s leading private security network, with an unprecedented and proven 99.99% network uptime
  • 24/7 Tech Support Australia-wide ' Facilitates compliance of Bosch panels with Australian Standard AS2201.5 2008

The most affordable alarm communicator in its class

We believe that price shouldn’t compromise quality. That’s why we’ve created an affordable alarm communicator with true quality and workmanship.

We’re proud to offer you a Class 5 communications device with unmatched capabilities at such an affordable price.


Polling makes it more secure

Polling authenticates your alarm system’s integrity, which means if your alarm system fails, or has been tampered with in some way, your monitoring centre will know about it almost immediately. If polling fails on the default GPRS network, the MC5P transparently switches to PFP, a proprietary polling method exclusive to the Multicom Range.


Intelligent wireless power control

To overcome the poor reliability of troublesome modems and routers, the MC5P offers the unique capabilities of Inteliswitch - a wireless power device that plugs into your Internet router or modem to cycle power in the event of network dropout. Inteliswitch monitors your hardware and reboots it wirelessly if a signal dropout is detected. This provides more reliability from your existing equipment and ensures consistent network availability.