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Multicom NTD, Ethernet


Designed specifically for domestic and commercial sites without a fixed phone line, or using a VoIP service provider.

The Multicom New Technology Dialler connects to your existing security system, enabling delivery of your alarm messages across Ethernet/IP. Unlike other IP communicator panels on the market, the NTD offers the unique capabilities of Inteliswitch - a wireless power device that plugs into your Internet router or modem to cycle power in the event of network dropout. Inteliswitch monitors your system and reboots it wirelessly if a signal dropout is detected. This ensures consistent network availability, and a security system that is always online.

The NTD not only delivers your alarm messages securely over Ethernet/IP, but it also enables your monitoring centre to check the integrity of your alarm system and connection every 70 seconds. This process, known as polling, ensures that your alarm system is always working and connected.

Communicating over the leading private security network, with a proven 99.99% network uptime, the NTD protects your assets more reliably than any other solution on the market, without compromising affordability.
The NTD hardware itself is C-Tick approved and certified, combines the highest quality components, sourced globally, and is designed in Australia, meeting class 1, 2, & 3 of Australian Standard AS2201.5 2008.

MCNTD Specifications:

Alarm Format Contact ID, Multicom Network
Communication Paths Ethernet
Inputs 2 x 24 hr alarm inputs with programmable EOL resistors, Dedicated Tamper Input
Polling Plan Class 3
Power Supply 12V>300mA
SIM Options No SIM

Compatible with AlarmLINK

AlarmLINK for iPhone and Android devices lets you connect and control your home and business’ alarm system from anywhere in the world. It lets you, as well as the people you choose, control your alarm system. You can setup multiple sites and switch between them with ease. Access to your alarm system is protected via permissions based security as well as an optional passcode.

Compatible with TechTools

TechTools is comprehensive tool that allows technicians to manage, configure and commission Multicom alarm communicators in the field, in real-time from a PC, Apple or Andriod device.

TechTools utilises a powerful, easy-to-use permission-based security structure to protect devices from unauthorised access.

Multicom Talks Low Power

At Multicom, we get challenged from time to time on the question about “power consumption.” We have responded to the challenge and, in each new generation of alarm communicators, we have significantly decreased power consumption. This product evolution commenced in 2017 and has carried through to today’s Multicom alarm communicators.