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Multicom LTE+ WiFi, Dual Carrier

Multicom alarm communicator with LTE, WiFi

Key features

  • WiFi connectivity provides a true NBN path
  • One touch WiFi network connection – no cabling
  • Compatible with all 3rd party alarm panels
  • Fully managed network with guaranteed 99.99% uptime
  • Guaranteed fault notification within 1-hour
  • Auto-switching across comms paths – WiFi, LTE
  • Upload & Download functionality
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The first alarm communicator released in Australia with WiFi

WIFI | LTE | CLASS 5 AS2201.5

The Multicom LTE+ is an innovative WiFi/LTE alarm communicator that connects any Contact-ID dialer equipped alarm panel to a central monitoring centre via multiple highly secure IP paths. The Multicom also facilitates a fully encrypted virtual private link over the Suretek Network to the monitoring centre, providing 99.99% guaranteed alarm transmission delivery – even during major outages.

The additional WiFi antenna installed on the Multicom LTE+ provides a true NBN path and is also compatible with any type of Internet. Fast setup with one touch WPS connection for instant WiFi connection without any cabling. The WiFi feature also provides another path in case one of the two carrier paths fail.

Additional features

  • Dual carrier multipath technology with WiFi
  • Automatic remote system updates to your Multicom
  • Developed and supported in Australia
  • 24/7 Partner tech support Australia-wide
  • Compatible with any type of Internet and WiFi router

Reduces drop-outs & lock-ups

To overcome the poor reliability of troublesome modems and routers, the NTD monitors for internet drop-outs and hardware lock-ups. If detected, the NTD wirelessly commands the Inteliswitch, to power cycle the modem/router device it’s attached to, providing more reliability from your existing equipment.


Compatible with AlarmLINK App

AlarmLINK for iPhone and Android devices lets you connect and control your home and business’ alarm system from anywhere in the world. It lets you, as well as the people you choose, control your alarm system. You can setup multiple sites and switch between them with ease. Access to your alarm system is protected via permissions based security as well as an optional passcode.


A cost-effective alternative

The Multicom New Technology Dialler gives you a higher level of security, whilst eliminating the hidden expenses often associated with fixed phone lines, such as line rental and priority call costs.


Compatible with your existing alarm system

The Multicom New Technology Dialler is compatible with 99% of existing alarm systems. It quickly and conveniently plugs into your existing panel and is compact enough to fit inside it. The NTD also enhances your existing system’s security capabilities, so, once installed, you will have a Class 3 system.