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Multicom IoT, Dual SIM

Narrow Band IoT Alarm Communicator

CAT M1 | NB-IoT | CLASS 4 AS2201.5

Key features

  • Small format, fits easily into alarm panels
  • Meets the AS2201.5 Class 4^ Australian Standard
  • Lowest power consumption in its class
  • Connects any Contact-ID Dialler to Alarm Monitoring Centres
  • Mounts easily into Alarm Panel using built-in rare earth magnet
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Alarm communicator with Cat M1 and NB-IoT, which is forward compatible with the 5G network

Compact Form
The MCIOT's small form housing fits easily into most Alarm Panels, making installation both quick and efficient.

Combine the MCIOT with Multicom TechTools, either App or Web Portal, and you have a powerful combination to efficiently commission integrated Alarm Systems.

The MCIOT is packed with all Multicom's operational features, including Upload and Download, using the Multicom Smart Modem. Use your Panel Manufacturer's Upload & Download software via the Multicom Smart Modem over the Telstra MB-IoT network.

The MCIOT is fully compatible with the Multicom AlarmLINK App, giving your customers control of their Alarm System, via the Multicom MCIOT.

Use Your Hardware Credits
All Multicom Alarm Communicators, including the MCIOT, can be purchased with your Suretek 2020 Technology Migration Program hardware credits, ensuring your can complete your 3G (and 4G) communicator swap outs cost efficiently.

Additional features

  • Automatic remote software updates to your Multicom
  • Upload & Download functionality
  • Connects any Contact-ID Dialler to Alarm Monitoring Centres
  • Mounts easily into Alarm Panel using built-in rare earth magnet
  • Uses multiple carriers on highly secure 5G Cat M1 and NB-IoT
  • Forward compatible with the 5G network
  • Fully managed network with guaranteed 99.99% uptime
  • 24/7 Partner tech support Australia-wide

Reduces drop-outs & lock-ups

To overcome the poor reliability of troublesome modems and routers, the NTD monitors for internet drop-outs and hardware lock-ups. If detected, the NTD wirelessly commands the Inteliswitch, to power cycle the modem/router device it’s attached to, providing more reliability from your existing equipment.


Compatible with AlarmLINK App

AlarmLINK for iPhone and Android devices lets you connect and control your home and business’ alarm system from anywhere in the world. It lets you, as well as the people you choose, control your alarm system. You can setup multiple sites and switch between them with ease. Access to your alarm system is protected via permissions based security as well as an optional passcode.


A cost-effective alternative

The Multicom New Technology Dialler gives you a higher level of security, whilst eliminating the hidden expenses often associated with fixed phone lines, such as line rental and priority call costs.


Compatible with your existing alarm system

The Multicom New Technology Dialler is compatible with 99% of existing alarm systems. It quickly and conveniently plugs into your existing panel and is compact enough to fit inside it. The NTD also enhances your existing system’s security capabilities, so, once installed, you will have a Class 3 system.

^ Note: Can meet Class of AS2201.5, depending on the overall configuration of the system.