Software & Apps

Tools for PC, Apple or Android device

Comprehensive tools which enable configuring, managing and monitoring of Multicom devices from your PC, Apple or Android device.

We have a vast suite of innovative software for real time management of our alarm communicator equipment.

TechTools software screenshots


Manage your Multicom alarm communicators from your PC or mobile device.

Key features:

- Scan device barcode using a mobile phone
- Access all settings: Relay, Contact ID Events, Test Reporting, etc
- Add & administer multiple technicians and contractors
- Comprehensive library of alarm panel manuals built-in
- Protects customer device from unauthorised access
- Live history of alarms, polls, poll fails & tech activity


Alarm and Fire monitoring in one device.

Key features:

- Arm and disarm alarm system from anywhere
- Built-in intelligence to work out the current alarm system state
- Open & close doors, gates, plus other devices attached to alarm system
- Personal protection: in distress situations send silent panic alarms
- multi-device support - provide additional access to your alarm system
- Configure and monitor temperature alarms for fridges, cool rooms, etc
- Your alarm system is protected via permissions-based security

Multicom Smart Modem

Multicom Smart Modem (MSM) creates an easy-to-use remote, IP-based, virtual modem connection interface between your manufacturer provided Upload/Download (U/D) software and alarm panels attached to Multicom communicators at client sites.

Key features:

- Works from anywhere
- Compatibility tested with numerous panels
- Upload & Download functionality
- Creates a virtual COM port for U/D software connection

Multicom to CAMS Integration

Multicom is now fully integrated into CAMS (Complete Asset Monitoring System). With just over 90% of the monitoring market share, CAMS is Australia’s leading Alarm Monitoring Software Platform.

Key features:

- Full visibility from the Monitoring Platform – No third party software needed
- Faster action with live accurate information available to the responding operator
- Enable operator interaction with your clients mobile devices
- Full operator audit tracking