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Multicom 2019 WiFi range announced

15 March 2019

Multicom has introduced a brand new range of alarm communicators that include an array of innovative new features, including:

  • WiFi alarm transmission with LTE and 3G failover
  • ASS221.5 Class 5* standard in a smaller device
  • LTE, M1, NB-IoT transmission paths

Australia's first WiFi communicator

The Multicom LTE+ is the first alarm communicator in Australia with WiFi that delivers alarm messages across multiple paths - WiFi, LTE and 3G fallback.

With one touch WPS for faster setup time - no cabling!

  • NBN ready.
  • WiFi provides a true NBN path
  • Compatible with any type of Internet and WiFi router
  • WiFi provides another path for greater redundancy
  • Future-proofing with LTE connectivity
  • Australia-wide 24/7 network support


Continued Innovation
In 2010, the Multicom NTD was the first alarm communicator that transmitted alarm messages across the NBN network.

Today in 2019, the Multicom LTE+ is the first WiFi alarm communicator providing true plug-n-play wireless connectivity.

In-field testing has been completed on the Australian networks and the Multicom LTE+ will be ready for shipping as of Monday, 25th March 2019.

Multicom LTE+ datasheet

How to Order
Multicoms are available for order from your preferred monitoring centre.
For general product enquiries please call 1300 65 44 33.

Australia's first WiFi communicators

shipping 25 March


The first alarm communicator with WiFi that can transmit alarm messages across multiple carriers - WiFi / LTE / 3G.


shipping mid-April


Allows 80% of Australian fire alarms to be monitored by standard alarm monitoring companies. Generate new revenue!
*80% represents sites not restricted by BCA fire regulations.


shipping TBA


The first communicator in Australia with WiFi that can transmit alarm messages across the new M1 and NB-IoT networks.


shipping now


Combines your security & temperature monitoring into one device. Monitors up to 8 temperature devices such as refrigerators, cool rooms, heating units.